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Lifestyle in Omkareshwar

Located on the banks of river Narmada, the pious and tranquil Om shaped island of Omkareshwar is home to one of the 12 Jyothirlingas, dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is thus an important pilgrim centre and attracts visitors and devotees in huge numbers from all over the country. It exudes a mystic and mysterious aura, leaving the visitors mesmerised by its beauty and glory. People belonging to various castes and religions live here in peace and harmony. They lead happy and content lives and love celebrating various festivals in a grand and traditional manner. The people here are highly religious and are quite hospitable and friendly by nature. In addition to the traditional temples and tourist sites, numerous modern amenities and facilities are being made available to enable people lead their lives comfortably.

Life in Omkareshwar

Traditional Lifestyle in Omkareshwar

The quaint and religious city of Omkareshwar is one of those cities in India that still remains unperturbed by the increasing influence of Western culture. The people in this part of Madhya Pradesh are humble, hard working and peaceful, by nature. Various festivals and celebrations in the temples as well as households are accompanied by music and dance, and ancient traditional customs and rituals are strictly followed. The traditional attire for men include dhoti kurta, while women prefer wearing sarees and adorn themselves with jewellery and accessories. Their diet is predominantly vegetarian, with traditional nutritional dishes including rice, dal, roti, vegetables and pickle.

Influence of Western Lifestyle

Though Westernization has not brought about significant changes in this city, its impact can be seen in some aspects. Taking a cue from the visitors, women, especially those belonging to younger generations are opting for salwar kameez, capris, skirts, jeans etc, while men have started wearing shirts and trousers, shorts, jeans etc. Various restaurants are being set up in different parts of the city, serving a variety of healthy vegetarian Indian dishes. Fast food is also gaining popularity, especially among the younger generations. Mobile service centres, electronic goods showrooms, retail outlets are being set up in different parts of the city. Apart from dharmashalas, hotels are being set up to provide all basic and modern amenities to ensure that the visitors enjoy a pleasant and comfortable stay here.

Women, as well as men have started becoming more beauty conscious and have started realising the importance of beauty and good looks in their overall personality. Thus to cater to the needs of the residents a s well as the tourists, numerous beauty parlours and salons have been established in various parts of the city.

List of Beauty Parlors and Salons in Omkareshwar

Beauty Parlours in Omkareshwar

Kesh Shilpi
Address: Main Market, Omkareshwar H O, Omkareshwar - 450554
Phone No: +(91)-8889364677

Narmada Gents Parlour
Address: Main Market, Omkareshwar H O, Omkareshwar - 450554
Phone No: +(91)-9993735470

Niraj Gents Parlour
Address: Main Market, Omkareshwar H O, Omkareshwar - 450554
Phone No: +(91)-9826853212

Maa Narmada Gents Parlour
Address: Main Market, Omkareshwar H O, Omkareshwar - 450554 
Phone No: +(91)-9669681107

Entertainment in Omkareshwar

The people of Omkareshwar are deeply religious and traditional in their thoughts as well as approach. This explains the reason for absence of an active nightlife in this region. Entertainment for the people here thus includes visiting the temples and other beautiful tourist sites and spending some quality time amidst the tranquil and serene ambience here. People find great joy in celebrating various fairs and festivals like Maha Shivratri, Diwali, Durga Puja, Holi and other festivals, accompanied by folk music and dances. These folk songs and dances depict the rich and ancient cultural traditions of this great city.